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We will issue the official Canadian Tax Receipt for your Donations.

Together With Your Support, We Can Continue Helping Others In Need Of The Basic Necessities: Food & Shelter

MISSION:   Our mission and purpose  is to relieve poverty by providing basic amenities, including food, clothing, shelter, education, and basic medicines and medical aid to orphaned children, children with mental disabilities, homeless people, and people living with HIV/AIDS in Kenya and Canada. To gift funds to qualified donees as defined in subsection 149.1(1) of the Income Tax Act (Canada)”. This Charity is managed by a strong team of directors who are volunteers and are never paid salaries or benefits.  These directors ensure that all donations that we receive directly go to accomplish our purpose. Please  visit our facebook page for more pictures and discussions:

PLEASE NOTE: All directors, volunteers and staff are NOT paid any salaries or benefits whatsoever (other than the 2 nannies who take care of the orphanage children in Kenya). Our overhead expenses are always less than 2% of gross revenue. This implies that 98% of all donations received go to help the needy persons, both in Canada and in Kenya.






Current Charitable Activities(2017):



a) Septic Tank Construction at the Orphanage-Done

b) New Temporary Boys Dormitory-Done

b) New Dormitory Construction at thRev. John Miller - Copye Orphanage  to accommodate 30 more orphans.

Rev. John Miller.  Director in Charge of Orphanage & Schools Program. Click here to access his message.

“We Try To Make Positive Social Change To The People  In Need”

* Free MEMBERSHIP: Please join us. Be a member: donor or volunteer or suppoorter of our charity. You will be able to see video clips and other information about our journey in making positive social change”. 



2. Homeless Program IN CANADASylvia-Director2

a)  To donate to about 1000 homeless people in BC Lower mainland  food, clothing and other personal necessities

Sylvia Yelland: Director in Charge of Homeless Program

1 2012:. We built this  Orphanage  in Kenya that we support and manage at Kamuchege Village, Kiambu District in Kenya. Inevitably, some orphans do not have relatives to take of them. They must be removed from streets -Give them an opportunity for future self sustaining. Orphanage accommodates 20 kids


2   2012: Our Directors Jennifer Kube and Dr Peter Njenga went to Kenya at their expense to open this Orphanage on November 1 2012 . Financial problems and security obstacles were tricky and remain a story to tell. Jennifer refused to be deterred by security threat. But strong will and commitment made this dream come true to many.



2012: Kids receive a package of personal health and school necessities  prepared and donated by Jennifer’s Mother -Mary Kube of Canada. The needy kids were identified by a local  Church Women group. The 20 kids at the orphanage are doing well.







2012: Focus is to educate these kids for their future sustainability. Kids are seen here takling a challenge of  drawing  or writing anything about their new place and what they want to  be in future.



2013: Networking in style: Orphanage kids display art work received from Canadian Sunday School Children at Newton-Surrey United Church. The hope is to make the two groups of  kids  learn some aspects of global  issues....managers of tomorrow.



These kids want to be shown love. We Give them love and we teach them the survival skills. One of them is now in High School and all the others are in a Catholic Primary School called St. Lawrence Primary School. Please help by supporting a child at $45 per month. We pay school fees amounting to  $2400  per  term.








2013: Our Directors Jennifer and Peter are seen donating about 300 books and 3 computer laptops to this primary school where orphanage kids go.  Peter & Jennifer have a vision of  mobilizing the local community to initiate and teach technical trades that are self sustaining and income generating .


8 2014: Every student from class Std: 4 to 8 received the most recommended Text book revision series for the Kenya Primary School Curriculum.



2013: This is the public school that the orphanage  kids go to school. It is called Kamuchege Primary school, the same school Dr Peter Njenga passed through. Peter & Jennifer promised the kids a library and few computers. As promised, these were delivered in 2013.






Ment (1) 2008:. We also support mentally challenged children  in Kenya.  Their needs are so many, yet the resources are scarse for them


Feeding Hungry in Kenya 2 2009: We Support Orphans at their grandparent’s residencies   in Kenya- a wholistic approach. But their living conditions are not good at all.


1 Feeding Hungry in Vancouver 3 - Copy1 2007-2014: . CANADA: We support homeless people in Vancouver Downtown Eastside- with food & warm clothing during winter every year since 2008






This is part of our story. For more pictures, please go to History page.