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Together With Your Support, We Can Continue Helping Others In Need Of The Basic Necessities: Food & Shelter


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CHARITY: This is a designated  charitable organization in Canada. It operates in Canada and Kenya.

MANDATE: It is authorized by Canadian Government to do the following purposes: To relieve poverty by providing basic amenities, including food, clothing, shelter, education, and basic medicines and medical aid to orphaned children, children with mental disabilities, homeless people, and people living with HIV/AIDS in Kenya and Canada. To gift funds to qualified donees as defined in subsection 149.1(1) of the Income Tax Act (Canada)”. 

DIRECTORS: This Charity is managed by a strong team of directors who are volunteers and are never paid salaries or benefits.  These directors ensure that all donations that we receive directly go to accomplish our purpose.he following are our current Directors:

Dr PeterNjenga1 - Copy - Copy

FOUNDER & PRESIDENT: Dr Peter N Njenga, PhD, MBA, BCom, CPA, CGA founded this Charity with a focus to provide help to orphans, mentally challenged children, people living with HIV/AIDS infection, and homeless poor in Kenya and Canada. He has served as the President of this Charity since inception and he does not receive any salary or benefit whatsoever. His leadership has helped to transform this foundation from a society status to a fully recognized and designated charitable organization in Canada. He also manage his accounting firm called Peter Njenga Chartered Professional Accountant  (an accounting firm that offers audits, accounting, and Tax in BC Canada). Previously, he was the President and founder  of Tobei Community College Inc in BC, Canada . Also, he was an instructor at Kwantlen Polytechnic University in BC, Canada. He is a professional accountant, who worked in many companies in Canada, USA, and Kenya, where he held key accounting, auditing, consulting, and managerial positions. In an effort to make a difference in Canadian contemporary issues, he was an  MP candidate for Abbotsford in BC during  2015 Canadian federal election, but he did not win since he became second with 15,772 votes.  Peter is a leader who believes in emotional intelligence towards leadership and motivating a team.

secspect a

Vice-President & Secretary: 

Jenniffer Kube. We thank you Jennifer for supporting Dr Njenga Foundation tirelessly more so in going to Kenya to open the orphanage, doing a100 km walk that was initiated by you and your son Zayd Hasan (who was 11 year old by then). Your capability of mobilizing family members, friends, and supporters is a special credential worth mentioning. Jennifer has volunteered and fundraised for a number of charitable organization including Canadian Cancer Society, Doctors Without Boarders, and United Way. Jennifer currently works with the City of Richmond as the Programs Manager.

J. Hansen

Treasurer  Jenny Hansen. 

 Jenny support many charity activities . She has sponsored one child at the orphanage. She currently works with Custom Paper Ltd in Richmond, BC, Canada. Jenny is always committed to the activities of this charity and she gives us tremendous advises including serving as our Treasurer.

Rev. John Miller - Copy

Orphanage & Schools Director: 

Rev. John Miller:  John  is a strong supporter of our charity and he supports one child in our Kenyan Orphanage.  His background in the pastrol care  has placed him in a pivotal role in helping us address the issues that affect homeless poor in Canada . Previously, he worked in Africa as a missionary. He then  worked as a United Curch of Canada Minister serving the Bethany-Newton United Church in the City of Surrey, BC, Canada . After retiring, he agreed to join our charity as a strong leader in many aspects of our charity. He recently moved from Surrey, BC to Ontario and he continue serving this charity as a member of the board of directors. We are truly grateful  and blessed to have John as a director.


Homeless Program Director:

Sylvia Yelland:  Sylvia has been a  strong supporter of this charity for many years, tirelessly helping in food and clothes distribution to homeless people in Metro Vancouver. She bring in a wealth of experience in handling  and managing critical issues affecting the community.  We are happy to have Sylvia in our Board of Directors team.

Diane Halket

Fundraising  Director: 

Diane Halkett:  Diane is a strong welcoming leader in education and pastoral care. She is currently  the Church Minister of  Webster’s Whonnock United Church at Maple Ridge.  She also supports a child in our Kenyan Orphanage.  We are blessed to have Diane in our Board of Directors team. 

Managers in Canada: No employed  managers. Directors work as managers as well. No salaries or benefits has ever been paid   to them..

Volunteers: See page on Volunteers



Manager in Kenya


John Wainaina-Manager

John Wainaina: John is a full time  employee of the Government of Kenya in areas related to health services.

John is the volunteer Manager (and therefore we do not pay him salary). Under the direction of our President Dr Peter Njenga, John  manages   all the Orphanage activities in Kenya. Since joining us in September 2016, he has improved the operations, and he has worked very hard to motivate the kids and he has build rapport with the kids and with the Government officials.

He was instrumental to transferring the children from Kamuchege Primary School to St. Lawrence Catholic Primary School because he want the kids to succeed. He ensures that all money sent to the orphanage are full accounted . On monthly basis, he reconciles all cash received with the  related expenditures;  and then he send a copy of  the reconciliation plus supporting documents and reports  back to Canada before another cheque is issued to the orphanage. Please join us to thank John for the job well done.

WORKERS: Two Nanny Workers at our Orphanage in Kamuchege Village, Kiambu, Kenya are paid Salaries


Policies & Legal: Click here to access our policies, Legal and Regulations