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Together With Your Support, We Can Continue Helping Others In Need Of The Basic Necessities: Food & Shelter

ORPHANAGE-Kamuchege Primary School l

During a visit  of this public school in November 2012, kids asked Peter & Jennifer to help them with a library & Computers. The headmaster of the school said: “As you can see, due to lack of funding, the library is empty and there is  no single computer in this school. If there is any help you can give, we will appreciate.”

Apparently, this is where our Dr Peter Njenga was educated.  Jennifer and Peter  promised to do something about this issue.  This made us ask for help from our friends and supporters in Canada and we were able to give about 400 books and computers in our second visit in October 2013.  And in 2014, we bought 165 text books that were highly recommended for the Kenyan curriculum. Thus every single student from Standard 4 to 8  received that text book. 

We Also helped another public school called Muthandi Primary School with text books.

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Text books & Computers donations